Allendale Ladies Cornet Band
The Times-Tribune Aug. 25, 1982
By Bill Gladstone

Several years ago, the Worth County Historical Society was an active organization. For one reason or another, interest began to wane and it eventually became dormant.
Ed Eighmy was active in the organization and collected a lot of material. After Ed went on to his just rewards, things were at a standstill. The collection of material was then in private hands and out of the state.
Quiet negotiations were begun to try to reacquire this material or at least a part of it. Melville Mathews and Kenton Thompson were successful in acquiring a trunk full of the material, and it was stored in Judge Osborne's record file room.
The trunk sat there for months on end, and there was always going to be someone who was going to sort through the material and do at least some cursory organizing.
Being both interested in history and curious, I finally asked if I could go through the material. Last winter I spent about 40 hours sorting through the trunk. It contained material related to the Historical Society and material related to the Eighmy family. I first sorted out the material that was strictly family related, and it was later returned to the Eighmy family.
The remainder was principally pictures. All of the material was catalogued and placed in some semblance of organization.
As I worked through the material to lie in that trunk with very few people even knowing about it and even fewer getting to see it. I thought of several different ways that people might get to enjoy seeing the old pictures.
I talked to the TT editors about publishing a series of pictures with a brief story about each picture. At the time of my suggestion, I thought the idea received a rather cool reception so I did not mention the subject any more. Last week the editor asked if I were still interested in the series and in writing a brief introduction.
My first thought was to run a picture on the third Wednesday of the month which would normally be halfway between Worth Mentioning columns. That is where the title originated. I then realized that it would take about 10 years to run the series, and at my age 10 years is likely to be most of the rest of my life. At present we plan to run one each week with the exception of the week that the Worth Mentioning column runs. Other than the name, there won't be much relationship in the two endeavors.
There are several things I hope to accomplish. First is the pleasure some of you will have in looking at the old pictures.
Secondly, we hope by your response to learn more about each one of the pictures. If you can add any knowledge about a particular picture, please write or call.
Thirdly, possibly this will jar some old pictures or articles out of storage and they can be shared with an appreciative audience.
And last, but certainly not least, we hope to rekindle some interest in the Worth County Historical Society.
The success of this venture it largely up to you. If you like it, take the time to tell us you like it. If you know something that will make the feature more interesting, tell us about it. Look through those old albums and boxes you've been promising yourself to do, and share those old treasures.
The first picture in the series is from Allendale. I don't know a thing more about it than you can see, but I'm positive there is someone out there who does. It could be for real, but knowing both Allendale and women, it might be a hoax.