Commercial Hotel
The Times-Tribune-- Oct. 13, 1982
By Bill Gladstone

"The best laid plans of mice and men are oft to go awry." That is sort of an americanized version of what the Scottish poet Robert Burns meant when he said, "The best laid schemes o' mice and men, Gang aft a-gley."
Two weeks ago when I wrote that the pictures this month would all be related and that I wouldn't write much, there were two things I didn't know. I didn't know that the picture of the Commercial Hotel would stir so much discussion around Denver, and I didn't know that the TT was going to honor National Newspaper Week with this issue.
A person could not tell, by the first picture, where the hotel sat. To quiet all of the arguments, we are running a second picture of the Hotel Commercial.
It seems reasonable to assume that this week's picture was taken much earlier than the preceding one. The building in the center was the home of Crit Dawson who was a brother of John C. and Jesse Dawson.
I don't know what the two buildings at the far left were used for at that time, but later on the far one was a drug store. There is some pretty good evidence that a dentist and a doctor also had their offices in the building. The smaller of the two buildings was a bank at one time.
It is interesting to note the changes in the outside of the hotel make in the years between the two pictures.
The 1874 Campbell's Missouri Gazeteer lists a post office at Honey Grove and at Hudson City.
I have an 1877 atlas of Worth County that shows Hudson City as being in the northeast section of Smith Township. It was alongside the main road between Allendale and Mt. Ayr. A later atlas (1902) does not show Hudson City.
Neither atlas mentions Honey Grove Post Office.