Mystery Hotel
The Times-Tribune--Oct. 27, 1982
By Bill Gladstone

I have some people to thank for this week's effort. Nina West Runyon shared the pictures with us and Joe and Elise (Stark) agreed to the use of extra space and to do the extra work to run two pictures.
If you look closely you will notice that the Diagonal Hotel is the same building as the left part of the other picture and the name has been changed to the Windsor House.
Now for the mystery. We can't find out whether this hotel was in Sheridan or Isadora and we don't know the approximate dates. So we need some help.
Some of the people standing on the board walk have been tentatively identifies. The older man standing on the left is Marion West. Next to him is his daughter Cora West Straight and next to her is Marion West's wife, Sarah. The seventh standing person from the left is Wallace Straight, the husband of Cora.
We don't have very many pictures of the Isadora, Sheridan, Oxford ares and we would appreciate very much having some to copy.