Oriental Hotel
The Times-Tribune-- Oct. 20, 1982
By Bill Gladstone

I guess the theme for this month is old hotels. The picture for this week is of the Oriental Hotel. It was probably the first business building constructed of bricks in Grant City. The hotel was built for Amos Frakes and was completed in 1867.
The picture shows the east side of the square.
Amos Frakes built the first business house in Grant City. It was a frame building and it stood about the middle of the north side of the square. His first building was constructed in 1863.
On the back of the picture is a notation about a sermon being preached by Reverend Henry Bowers, and missionary Baptist, in 1864, in the then unfinished Amos Frakes' Hotel. If, by chance, this picture was taken before 1866, then the building to the left of the hotel just might have been the first courthouse to sit in Grant City. That's an awful lot of supposition.