Grant City Schoolhouse
Quad River News--July 16, 1984
By Bill Gladstone

The original town of Grant City was layed out in the spring of 1863 and at that time there was a one room school house which was located on a farm owned by a man by the name of Lovelace. The schoolhouse was about onehalf mile west of the public square and just outside the town limits. There is a little question as to the exact year but in either 1866 or 1867 this one room schoolhouse was moved to the west side of the town square and was located about where the south 1/3 of the Pixie Shop is now (1984)
For those of you who have A GENTRY AND WORTH COUNTY HISTORY 1892 may notice a page 548 that the first school was taught in Grant City by W.J. in the winter of 1866/67. On over on page 621 you may note that the schoolhouse was moved in 1867 and the first teacher was Miss Nan J. Dewitt. Anyway, there is general agreement that the schoolhouse was moved and placed on the west side of the town square.
The population of the town grew rapidly and very soon it was necessary to provide a larger building for a schoolhouse. The district acquired the block of land where the city hall now stands and in 1869 a frame, two room, one story school building was constructed. The first two teachers in this new schoolhouse were Mr. T.C. Tibbles and Miss Jennie Boyle.
This frame building served the needs of the district for several years and served several years as the office building for a lumber yard.
In 1876 the building shown in the photograph was erected. The main part of the building was 40x52 feet with the bell tower, entry way and stairway on the front. There were two rooms on each of the two floors and the building was of brick construction.
The picture was taken during a summer when a teachers institute was in session.
In 1882 or 1883 (depending on what source you choose to believe) the entryway and bell tower were removed and an addition, 34x104 feet, was made to the wet side of the building. Another bell tower and entryway was built in the front of this new addition. The construction on this new bell tower was flawed and in 1891 it had to be town down and rebuilt.
This building served the needs of the district for the next 20 years or so when it was torn down and in 1904 it was replaced by the building which was struck by lightning in 1956 and burned. An addition to this building was made in 1919 and it is now the present (1984) City Hall.
In 1959 the new Jr/Sr High School building was dedicated with the elementary students remaining in the building now the City Hall. In 1975 the new elementary building was completed.