First Grant City Band
The Times-Tribune--April 13, 1983
By Bill Gladstone

A little note on the frame of the picture says that this is the first Grant City Band and was taken in the 1880's.
There is a listing of the names at the bottom of the picture but they are somewhat difficult to decipher. The man with the bass drum is Maud Watson. Next is Brinkeroff, Osman, Roe Watson, Hicks, Kirk, Houser, Moorhead(?), and Golding.
In the picture which ran several weeks ago of the first volunteer fire department there were two Brinderhoffs.
People see different things in these old pictures. The pole in the center of the picture appears to be a flagpole.
One of the things I have tried to figure out in these old pictures of the square is which way the courthouse was facing. I think I am becoming convinced that the long way of the old courthouse ran east and west. If such is the case this picture would have been taken on the west side of the square near the south side with the band members looking to the west.
Another interesting thing to me is the density of the trees in the courtyard. The next bit of speculation that arises is how they got there. Was it natural or were they set out. At the time of this photograph the courthouse had been built about 20 years and if the trees had been set out when the courthouse was first built they would have had ample time to be of that size.