Another Band Picture
The Times Tribune--April 27, 1983
By Bill Gladstone

It seems that I turn up with a lot of pictures of bands. This picture is from some my father had which will become a part of the Historical Society collection. It was taken about the year 1912 which was some 30 years later than the picture of the Grant City Band which ran some two weeks ago.
There are two sources of names available and they vary in one instance. Billie Fern Humphrey has an identical copy from her father's collection and he too had the names listed on the back.
Standing left to right are: Cecil Wyman, J.T. Marrs, Ira Martin, Wells Lee, Glee Davidson and Bert Oehler.
Seated in the immediate front is Jud Ramsey, director.
Members seated, left to right, Fred (French) Dim, Allen Robertson, Orva McComas, Dusty Rhoads (my father listed this one as a McKinley), Charley Marshall, Vern Long, A.O. Seelig, Gilbert Gladstone (my father), Lewis Thompson (father of Kenton), Edgar Kibbee, Charley McLaughlin (father of Billie Fern Humphrey) and Roy Dye.
Considering available light the picture was probably taken along the west side of the courthouse.
I'm sure that there is no connection between the two facts but Seelig is the only minister in the bunch and also the only one with his hat on.
Thompson, Gladstone, Dye and Long were also members of the Worth Band.