Grant City Band
The Times-Tribune--April 27, 1983
By Bill Gladstone

Like an old bear arousing from a winter's hibernation the worth County Historical Society is again a going concern.
Twenty-six individuals gathered in the Community Room at the City Hall for the reorganization of the group. Vanita Clark will serve as president of the organization. It didn't take me very long to figure out that Vianita is organized and that the rest of us working with her had better be getting our acts together.
The group voted to have membership dues of $5 yearly. The cost of getting the pictures back to Worth County depreciated the treasury something horrendous so some funds are important at this juncture.
Membership is certainly not restricted to Worth County and we welcome membeership from far and wide. Contact Mrs. Lou Goff concerning membership.
The next meeting of the organization is the first Sunday afternoon in June and the first Sunday afternoon each month thereafter.
It seems that I turn up with a lot of pictures of bands. This picture is from some my father had which will become a part of the Historical Society collection. It was taken about the year 1912 which was some 30