Grant City Depot
Halfway Worth Mentioning
The Times-Tribune--December 29, 1982
By Bill Gladstone

The picture for this week was taken in 1900 and is of the depot in Grant City. I can only assume it is almost time for the passenger train to come in. The passenger train came from the north in the mornings and from the south in the evenings.
A person can tell by the shadows that it is about nine o'clock in the morning. The trees and shadows suggest that it is early in the spring, probably April.
The horse drawn conveyances were operated by the hotels to haul passengers and their luggage from the depot to their hotel. The white "bus" was pulled by the white team was from the Spafford Hotel and the other "bus" was from the Milligan Hotel.
I think the Spafford Hotel was south of the Lowry Building off of the southwest corner of the square. If you recall the picture of the south side of the square after the fire of 1882, I think the Spafford Hotel is the building setting long ways to the street.
This is the first reference to the Milligan Hotel I have seen. I do know that there was a hotel on the east side of the square and another that say where Groce Motors is now located. In all probability one of them was known at that time as the Milligan.
The depot shown in the picture was built in 1880 and burned in 1905. The south side of the building (to your left) was the waiting room section. The middle of the building was the office area and the north side was for freight and express goods.
You will also notice the freight platform on the north side of the station with the dray wagon sitting alongside it.
During the past week I received nice letters from Eunice Jones and Mrs. Cecil Weddle regarding the Hunt Hotel in Allendale.
I also received a letter from Cecil Herrington of Hoquiam, Washington. He was born in Redding and grew up there. His great grandfather was J.W. McAtee of the Oxford community and would like to see some pictures of the old town of Oxford. At present, there are no pictures of Oxford in the Worth County Historical Society collection, but we hope to acquire some, I am certain that someone in the TT readership has some pictures of Oxford that they would let us make copies from.
On page 563 of the GENTRY AND WORTH COUNTY HISTORY, 1882, it lists J.W. McAtee as one of the charter members of the I.O.O.F. lodge at Oxford, formed in 1877.