Grant City Bandwagon
Halfway Worth Mentioning
The Times-Tribune--January 19,1983
By Bill Gladstone

The picture for this week is of the Grant City bandwagon. I knew a lot about the Worth bandwagon which ran last week, but I don't know any of the particulars about the Grant City bandwagon.
The picture was taken in front of the grant City Presbyterian Church which sat where the Andrews Funeral Home is now located. Somehow, I got the idea that the Presbyterian Church was razed sometime about the mid 1930's. I'm certain there are some people around who could furnish us some facts on that bit of Worth County history.
It would seem to me, from looking at both pictures, that the worth bandwagon might have been somewhat the larger.
There are two or three interesting little things in the picture. I mentioned last week about doing things to fancy up the teams. Notice the bridle additions on these horses.
The gas light and the wooden sidewalks probably date the picture somewhere near the turn of the century.
Ant the thing that you can let your imagination work on is the bunting that seems to be hanging in the belfry.
The wheels are beginning to turn, however slowly, to get the Worth County Historical Society back in operation. You have to bear in mind that we of the Geriatric Generation move a bit more slowly than the population average.
Ruth Beavers took the time recently to write about the picture that was taken at the railroad station. I am keeping any correspondence I receive about a particular picture with that picture so it will be available to future generations. So if you have any interesting information about any of the pictures please send it along. You may think what you know about something is insignificant but it just might be the piece that makes the picture complete.
Mrs. Beavers' letter had two parts. One part was about the past and the other was about the future. She made some very interesting suggestions about some historical things that could be worked on here in the county. To me, the most intriguing was getting a history written about the rural schools of Worth County. That is a project a lot of people could work on.
If you went to a rural school in Worth County try committing your memories to paper. Don't try handing me that stuff that you can't write. Of course you can. I certainly don't perceive of myself as any sort of an expert but let me give you a hint or two to get started.
Make yourself a little outline of what you want to write about. You might want to include such things as where the school was, how it got its name, a physical description of the building, when it was built and what happened to the building, along with students, teachers and school board members. Now, see how easy that was.
And along with the written memories there must be dozens of pictures at the rural schools. It will take a lot of 'doing' but I think we can do it and I know it will be a cherished thing when it is completed.