Phoenix Hose Company
Halfway Worth Mentioning
The Times-Tribune--January 26, 1983
By Bill Gladstone

With the Grant City Volunteer Fire Dept. benefit Feb. 11, I thought this picture most appropriate.
Some of the lettering on the picture is legible, but some I could not decipher. The picture was taken Sept. 25, 1898. It is no more than a wild guess, but it looks like it might have been taken in the street n front of where the post office is a present.
The name of the firefighting group was Phoenix Hose Co. The name Phoenix could have originated from several different sources, but the word phoenix does have a relationship to fire.
The phoenix was a mythical bird of the ancient Egyptians, about the size of an eagle, sacred to the sun god Ra. According to the Greek historian Herodotus, it came from Arabia once every 500 years to the sanctuary Heliopolis, in Egypt, bringing with it the dead body of its parent, which it buried in the shrine.
When it felt its life drawing to a close, it built itself a next, from which after its death a new phoenix arose.
According to another story, the bird, at the age of 500 years, built a funeral pile of wood and aromatic gums, which it lighted with the fanning of its wings, and rose from the flames with renewed life.
Beginning on the left, the names which I think I can make our are Dell Eighmy, chief: Len Brinkerhoff, ______ Snyder, Willard Mull, Deck Harding, Henry Garver, Arby Simms, Gus Brinkerhoff, Will ______, Will Kennedy, Will Hauber, Jap Scadden, _____ Romine, Martin Hauber, Ben Elliot and C.J. Witmer.
The modern equipment employed by the present Volunteer Fire Dept. is a far cry from that of 85 years ago. But there is still one thing in common, volunteer.