West Side of the Grant City Square
The Times-Tribune--May 11, 1983
By Bill Gladstone

The picture for this week shows the west side of the square in Grant City about the year 1900. The picture is looking to the south.
The third door from the right is the entrance to the Prugh Hardware Store. The sign on the store near the far left advertises the Lowry Dry Goods Store. The Office is now located in that building.
Several weeks ago I mentioned that I thought the original courthouse located in the square faced east and west. For those of you who have been saving the pictures you can also guess. In the courthouse picture notice the small building just to the left of the courthouse. Could that be the same building which is shown about the middle of this week's picture? Sure look like it is to me. You have to bear in mind that the pictures were taken about 20 or 30 years apart.
This picture raises some interesting questions. The architecture of the north half of the block seems to be identical. It looks as if there are six entrances off of the street and there are six sets of three windows above. The building on to the south looks somewhat similar.
Did the same man or company build it all? Was it all one building? That might be something to spend a rainy afternoon looking for in the old files of the TT. The only thing wrong with hunting for something like that is that I get sidetracked reading about something else.