Denver Band
The Times-Tribune-July 20, 1983
By Bill Gladstone

The picture this week is back to bands again. Several of the pictures in the worth county Historical society collection are of bands, and in addition, my father had several old band pictures among his belongings.
This picture was taken just over 100 years ago and is of an old Denver band. A notation on the back of the picture states that the names were supplied by Willis Maupin.
The names are, left to right, Dana Saville, Renaldo Brown, Grandfather Saville, Sherman Maupin, E.J. Tipton, Elsworth Robinson, E.P. Maupin, Marion Brown and C.J. Saville.
In counting up the names it appears that the flag bearer was left unnamed. Now if you are talking about a brass band, that was a brass band.
There are three or four names in this group that fascinate me. The second man from each end is named Brown, Rinaldo and Marion. They look like they are brothers but yet they might be father and son.
A Rinaldo Brown has been one of the most interesting early day settlers I have run across in Worth County history. In 1863 Rinaldo Brown moved his saw and grist mill from Taylor County, Ia., to the west bank of the West Fork River in Worth County. This was the beginning of the town of Isadora. Supposedly Rinaldo became the largest taxpayer in Worth County but all that is yet another story.
In the Gentry and Worth County History, 1882, it tells that Rinaldo Brown brought a Miss Josephine Protzman from Indiana to Isadora to teach the first school. Among the students listed were William Brown, Marion Brown, Susan Brown, Marietta Brown and Andrew Brown.
So, is it really Rinaldo Jr. or Rinaldo Sr.?
Another interesting name in the picture was Saville. I think the man on the right must be Charley Saville who married the sister of my grandmother and he was the father of Mayhew Saville.
I have been doing a lot of harping about getting a history of Rainbow Park written but I'm not getting much done. Several years ago a Bob Simpson from down in the south part of the state somewhere wrote a letter to the editor about someone writing about Rainbow Park, KGIZ and the Trading Post needs to be written but I don't know enough about them to do it.