Worth Horse Show
Times-Tribune-Aug. 31, 1983
By Bill Gladstone

One of the big events in Worth County some 70 years ago was the Worth Horse Show. I think it faded into history about the time of World War I. There are some people in the county who attended the Worth Horse Show and it would be interesting if someone would sit down and write their remembrances of the event.
The picture is of the worth Band and was taken in either 1912 or 1913 at the Horse Show. The band members were, from left to right, Marion Brandt, clarinet; Wilmer Wallace, trombone; Art Walker, tenor; Luther Pierce, bass; Commodore Foland, bass; Claude Canaday, bass drum; Sam Batman, alto; Guy Baker, tenor drum: Oral Dye, alto; Vern Long, baritone; Lewis Thompson, trumpet; Charley McLaughlin, trumpet and Gilbert Gladstone, trumpet. My father was the band leader at that time.
I mentioned some articles ago that I have about a dozen issues of the Worth Tribune which was published and edited by Delph Simons. Most of them were published in the fall of 1914 and the August 26, 1914 issue describes the Horse Show and lists the winners in the different events.
The Horse Show took place in the Barnes Grove which was just immediately north of the north edge of town. It was a two-day affair and in 1914 it was held on August 20 and 21.
According to the article 1000people attended the first day and 3000 people attended the second day. Can you imagine 3000 persons attending an annual event in the town of Worth whose population at that time was about 200?
The article also relates that there were 150 entries judged in the two-day affair. In a listing of the event winners, in the division for Saddle Stallion, 2 years and over, under saddle, Bruce Pickering placed 2nd. In the Best Gentlemen Rider, Bruce Pickering placed 3rd. In the Best Boy Rider under 10, Ralph Gladstone placed 3rd. In the division for Mule Colts, Chas. Dannar placed first. The Best Lady Rider was Bessie Myers (Barnes).
Two plays, "Buckshot" and "The Girl of the Mountain", were presented by home talent groups. In a later edition of the Worth Tribune it mentions that the home talent shows presented at the Horse Show received such a warm reception that they were again presented at the Costin Opera House.